Animal Feedlots – Odor Control and Water clarification for final effluents or recycle are the prime goals of these applications to help farmers. More on concentrate Animal Feed Organizations- CAFO and some of the solutions available.

Refineries have numerous wastewater issues in their plants. Some plants have too much ammonia or amines in the influent and need to nitrify. Nutrient control at refineries plants can be a serious issue. Alkalinity is typically a factor often overlooked with nitrification at refineries. In the wastewater plant, not only do you need to control and nitrifiers, but also the carbonaceous bacteria need monitor and control for proper biological activity and final effluent BOD and TSS controls alongside of nutrient control. Many refineries have API’s or DAF’s prior to the secondary treatment system with Activated Sludge or aeration basins. The more oil and scum solids that can be removed prior to the Aeration Basin, the easier the loading on the biomass in the Aeration basin.