Dairies have numerous issues to deal with-Land and Water Considerations, Nutrient Management, Odours, Common Concerns Associated with Expansion, Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations- CAFO regulations, permits and licensing, health and safety, Manure Storage, and solids handling. Australian Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing regulations that will require dairy and other producers to control and contain runoff from their land, as well as regulate type and scope of livestock operations.   Production has been forced to become concentrated in fewer but larger dairies, and environmental concerns over the industry’s waste products are placing increasing pressure on dairy operations. Heightened environmental concerns and need for resource conservation have caused implementation of water use permits and other possible regulatory actions in many states. These may include water intake limits, water effluent limits, permit restrictions, air quality restrictions or solids handling limitations. more on Dairies-how to treat wastewater or reduce odours.

Meat processing includes slaughtering, processing, and rendering operations involving primarily cattle, hogs, and poultry.  Some plants handle only one type of operation, such as meat processing, but others carry out multiple operations including rendering., smoking, canning, freezing, and sausage making.