Key Considerations:

  • There are five things that a treatment should do for your RV holding tank
  • There are four main holding tank product types on the market
  • Understandind and Educating yourself on what these products do and how they work is crucial

There are a number of RV/Boat (Marine) holding tank treatments out there and each one claims to be the “silver bullet” when it comes to treating your tank. But the problem is, none of these companies tell you how that specific holding tank treatment works and why it best suits your needs as an recreational vehicle owner. We provide industrial strength septic tank treatments that is specifically formulated to provide a fast and effective result.

If you spend any time in a recreational vehicle (RV) or boat, you probably know of the problem of odors from sewage holding tanks. There are a number of commercial products available to control those odors. Some of those products contain chemicals which may pollute water resources. If you use those chemicals and then empty your holding tank into a septic system (or other onsite wastewater treatment system) or dispose of holding tank waste illegally, you may be creating health and environmental hazards. These chemicals and their by-products may pass through onsite wastewater treatment systems, flowing to soil, ground water, and possibly nearby surface waters. They may also corrode treatment system parts, creating a safety hazard.