An efficient treatment plant is characterized by the joint work of chemical, physical and biological processes in order to eliminate the contaminants present in the water.

Our products propose a treatment program based on the addition of specialized microorganisms to favour the formation of quality biomass that ensures the transformation of pollutants into energy, CO2, the production of new resistant cells and clean water, which will comply with the guidelines. of the Australian Standards.

One of the latest things the EPA is trying to help companies with is Beneficial Reuse. Many times, companies focus on their core product and ignore the fact that by-products that may seem like waste streams to them may actually be useful products to another company. Many companies ignore the value of these streams and just treat them as waste. This can incur millions of dollars a year in chemical treatment, disposal costs, as well as add to permit values that must be publicly disclosed. Below are a few examples of typical by-product streams and some of the many uses that can be explored?