This new proprietary formulation of ingredients containing a nitrate-based Electron Acceptor for Control of Odors. Contains a specially formulated, proprietary blend of microorganisms, micro/macronutrients, alternate oxygen sourceand surface tensionpressants/penetrants.  Because of the diversity of the microorganism systems incorporated into this product it is specifically developed for use in situations where there is a particular high impact from odors as well as (FOG) fats, oils and grease. This product can be used in the treatment of liquid & solid organic waste. MicroClear® BioNite™ contains facultative anaerobes, as well as an alternate oxygen source by providing an abundance of oxygen (electron acceptor) for metabolism to occur. This formulation bio-stimulant is non-hazardous and completely biodegradable. Safe, cost effective, easy-to-handle method of odor control with no hazardous byproducts. A proven powdered bacterial product suited for liftstations, wetwells and grease traps.