Bioaugmentation is the addition of pre-adult microorganisms specifically selected to degrade contaminants. The increase in the microbial population present in an application improves the degradation of the pollutant in question (organic matter, hydrocarbons, etc.) by ensuring the presence of sufficient quantities of microorganisms to complete the biodegradation, reducing costs and times.

Enviromental Leverage Partnership

Environmental Leverage AUSTRALIA is proud to be the distributor partner of Environmental Leverage. Environmental Leverage is a global supplier of microbial products. Used in a wide range of commercial, industrial, agricultural, and residential activities, providing a biological alternative to hazardous chemicals and caustic solvents.

Product Quality

Environmental Leverage has a line of products available in presentations (liquid, granular and solid) … the microorganisms are natural, not genetically modified and are sold without adding any chemical products.All our microorganisms are collected naturally in water or other sources throughout the world.


Two decades of experience helping customers succeed.

We started an enzyme-based solution business in 2004. Our focus was primarily sludge management,  dust suppression and odour control solutions.

Fast forward to 2020, when we were lucky enough to be made Australian distributor for Environmental Leverage Products. Being associated with a market leader like Environmental Leverage provided us the ability to provide a more comprehensive service to our customers that are tailored to your needs.

Today, Environmental Leverage AUS is a leading provider water treatment product with proprietary bioaugmentation solutions.

What began as the idea from family and friend turned into a true waste to profit solution based business.

About Environmental Leverage AUS Solutions

Helping you resolve your wastewater problems and turning your problems into profits.


Current Projects

Sludge Remediation
Winery Liability Reduction
Piggery Environmental Support

What we Offer

Bioaugmentation Products and Services. Bioaugmentation is the application of specifically selected bacteria (microbes) into a wastewater treatment system to enhance the system performance in some way. Bioaugmentation has many applications in all types of biological wastewater treatment systems, including once-through lagoons, activated sludge plants, sequencing batch reactors (SBR’s) and rotating biological contactors (RBC’s).

Flexable Solutions

Liquid, granular, and solid formulations depending on requirements. Training, consulting, audits, troubleshooting, product optimization and plant efficiencies are just a few services that we can provide.

Proven Formulations

Under controlled conditions, researchers have been able to develop formulations that provide an optimum micronutrient balance, to ensure rapid and healthy growth for bacteria in a biological wastewater setting.


Long-term and sustainable solutions to the growing scarcity of water worldwide is to recycle and reuse wastewater. In wastewater treatment plants, the biodegradation of contaminants or pollutants by harnessing microorganisms present in activated sludge is one of the most important strategies to remove organic contaminants from wastewater.