Properly functioning septic tanks decompose or biodegrade organic matter and solid waste. However, this process can easily be upset from its balance by the use of toxic household chemicals, cleaning products, pharmaceutical scraps, or even by the excessive use of water. Environmental bioaugmentation contains our proprietary bacterial cultures that promote rapid breakdown of solids, helping to maintain overall system efficiency.

MicroClear Marine, MicroClear 207 and MicroBlocks are biologically active solutions. MicroClear dissolvable pouches dissolves quickly in water releasing, mixing, billions of powerful Bacillus bacteria, a complete solution to all common problems associated with septic tanks and drain lines. Biologically it reactivates and maintains the system to reduce accumulations.

Obviously, we cannot go into all the types of plants, side streams or situations for process improvements or beneficial reuse that possibly could occur here. There is a ton of information on the internet and through your local EPA as well as Federal government sites.  If you are short handed on your own staff and would like to consider consulting from Ecura please feel free to contact us